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Wantage 01235 427266 | Oxford 01865 951856 | Newbury 01635 886278
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Ultra Leather Cleaning

Leather is a special material and it requires special skills and techniques to get it clean and looking like new again. There are many different types of leather full grain, top grain, split grain, bonded, nubuck, bi-cast faux to name a few. Each is manufactured using different types of sub-processes, preparatory, tanning crusting and coating stages. Your leather furnishings become soiled and stained by many different substances from food and pet hair to dirt carried in from outside. To get your leather really clean our fully trained, Carpet and Upholstery cleaning experts, who are fully insured will carefully analyse the type of leather and type of manufacture to achieve a deep and thorough clean every time.

If your leather furnishings are not regularly cleaned by trained leather cleaning experts they can be quickly ruined with permanent stains, show their wear and tear and irreversible discolouring.
Your leather furnishings will not only get that fresh smell, soft feel and clean look you’d expect from a professional leather clean, but will also receive a new deep cleaning process that ensures your leather furnishings:
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Are re-nourished
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Prolongs pigmentation
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Maximises comfort
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Last much longer

Our Step by Step Leather Cleaning System

Leather is a complicated material and requires great care and attention to get it spotlessly clean.
Here are some Leather care tips to help keep your Leather looking great:
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To avoid your leather furniture from drying out, avoid placing leather upholstery in direct sunlight and keep at least two feet away from any heat source (i.e. heating vents, fireplaces, radiators, etc.) and air conditioning sources.
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NEVER use any kind of oils (such as mink oil), furniture polish, or any product containing waxes or silicone (including many car care products) on leather Upholstery, as it may damage the leather and leave it feeling sticky. Consequently be very careful when using any type of furniture polish around your leather pieces.
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NEVER use baby wipes or any other alkaline cleaner on your leather upholstery as it may damage the finish.
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In between major cleans it is recommend that you clean your leather suite once a quarter and treat with a conditioner to help keep your leather soft and supple.
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Always use proper leather cleaner as most household cleaners can cause severe damage and lead to costly repairs.

Whilst every effort is made to remove all dirt and stains from fabrics and carpets, however it is not always possible to do so due to some unknown or pre-treated stains. Therefore Ultra Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services cannot be held responsible should some dirt and stains not be removed completely. 

Wear, Sun damage or dis-colouring of fabric may become more visible after cleaning. 

Triggering any alarm systems. Customers should provide instructions for deactivation/activation of any alarm systems.

Your Carpets and Upholstery will feel softer, smell fresher and you will appreciate a healthier result for you and your family.

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