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Wantage 01235 427266 | Oxford 01865 951856 | Newbury 01635 886278
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Unpleasant Facts about Dirty Carpets.

Here are four main issues with unclean carpets...
  • 1. Greasy Residue 'Magnetises' Dirt
    Every day oily residue from your kitchen, your family pets and you are carried in from outside and dries onto your carpets. This oily residue attracts and "locks-in" dirt like a super strong magnet. Through a process called oxidation, this oily dirt bonds with the carpet and changes the colour of your carpet. If left, unsightly traffic lanes will begin to show and without a professional carpet clean, they can quickly become permanent!
  • 2. Sandy Soil is Grinding Away at Your Carpet Enter description here.
    Get down and spread the fibres apart. You will be shocked to find a sandpit of soil that cannot be reached by home vacuum cleaners and is usually not visible, but is grinding your carpet away every time people walk over it like a sharp knife.
  • 3. Your Carpets Could Be Making You Ill. Enter description here.
    Your carpet does a great job by acting as a filter, trapping damaging air pollutants like pollen, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, cigarette smoke tars and residues that you would otherwise be breathing in. However once the carpet gets "full" it no longer traps or holds these air pollutants and your family will breathe them in on a daily basis, causing both short term and long term damage. These trapped pollutants can only be removed with a professional carpet clean.
  • 4. Bad News for Asthma, Allergy, Eczema and Rhinitis Sufferers. Enter description here.
    Carpets, upholstery and mattresses can become infested with dust mites whose droppings can trigger asthma attacks and can trap the allergy-inflaming proteins 'Der p 1', a protein known to trigger asthma, eczema and rhinitis attacks, and 'Fel d 1', a protein found in pet hair and saliva that can trigger allergic reactions.

Whilst every effort is made to remove all dirt and stains from fabrics and carpets, however it is not always possible to do so due to some unknown or pre-treated stains. Therefore Ultra Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services cannot be held responsible should some dirt and stains not be removed completely. 

Wear, Sun damage or dis-colouring of fabric may become more visible after cleaning. 

Triggering any alarm systems. Customers should provide instructions for deactivation/activation of any alarm systems.
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Just some of our happy customers

  • Dear Ultra, Just to say that I was very happy with the carpet and sofa cleaning yesterday. The guy was very polite and thorough in his work and I was very happy with the result. I shall certainly use you again and shall be in touch with you in the near future to arrange another visit. Kind regards

    Sara F
  • Ultra - many thanks for your professional team for a first class job. We will certainly be using you in the future.

    John & Betty
  • I write to tell you that the gentleman who cleaned our house before we left for our new residence in Dorset was absolutely brilliant in his application and he deserves our heartfelt thanks for a job well done. He practically turned cleaning into an art form, and we hope he goes from strength to strength.

    George Oxley
  • Hello Ultra. Thanks for cleaning my carpets and also protecting them with Ultra Guard, now they should be safe from my toddler should he spill anything. Thank you.

  • Thank you Ultra! Everything looked brilliant when you left... Thank you very much for the professional and quick response. Many thanks

    Francois V
  • Thanks Ultra. We were very happy. I'm sure there was a lot of dirt in the carpet but now it is gone! We will definitely think about using Ultra in the future for this kind of work.

    Tim H
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Look out for our experts cleaning carpets near you across Oxfordshire today!

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Your Carpets and Upholstery will feel softer, smell fresher and you will appreciate a healthier result for you and your family.

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